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Sink Clearance Sale

On this page you will find all the sinks that are currently part of our clearance sale. The sale includes faucets, vanities, and much more. The prices given are for individual units. If you buy larger quantities, you will receive bigger discounts. We recommend that you come into our office and showroom at 1901 Dabney Road for yourself to see everything we have to offer.

We will start with our Sheffield sinks. (If you are buying any of these that are still in their original box, it will include accessories. Otherwise, they will be discounted to $100 apiece).


Total Quantity Available: 68

Sale Price: $240


Total Quantity Available: 26

Sale Price: $240


Total Quantity Available: 50

Sale Price: $240


Total Quantity Available: 72

Sale Price: $175

The remaining sinks are not Sheffield. They do not include any accessories. Prices are listed as is, for individual units. As before, larger quantities purchased will bring greater discounts.


Total Quantity Available: 21

Sale Price: $54


16 Gauge

List Price: $59


Total Quantity Available: 20

Sale Price: $100

Stainless Steel

Double Bowl (80/20) Big Bowl on Left

Made in China

List Price: $150

White Porcelain Wall Mount Rectangular

Total Quantity Available: 205

Sale Price: $80

Made In China

List Price: $150

White MED

Total Quantity Available: 25

Sale Price: $39

White Porcelain

15 1/2″ x 12 3/4″

List Price: $69

AlphaStone 4110

Total Quantity Available: 100

Sale Price: $39

18 1/4″ x 15″ Inside Bowl

19 1/2″ x 16 1/4: Outside Bowl

List Price: $69

AlphaStone BMU-1714W

Total Quantity Available: 600

Sale Price: $39

17″ x 14″

List Price: $69

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