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Artwork and Mirrors

We have an extraordinary team of experts ready to fill your every need, from designing and framing, to on-site hotel art installation. We have an outstanding selection of pictures, framed mirrors, moldings, and LED mirrors available, from national and international suppliers.
Due to our large supply of hotel wholesale furniture and our service partners’ substantial network of fabricators, it is most likely that costs for what is perceived to be a premium product will fall within the project budget and along with that, an on-time delivery.
All artwork and mirrors are custom-fabricated to order. Call for size and style of in stock mirrors from our overseas and local suppliers.

LED Mirrors:


The illuminated border of this series extends out to the edge of the glass. This serves the dual functions of lighting      the subject and providing an ambient glow. The modern feel and effect of this style will help to accentuate its  surroundings.

H W D Lamping
A228-40x30 40" 30" 2.125" (2) 14 Watt & (2) 21 Watt T-5 LED
A228-40x40 40" 40" 2.125" (4) 21 Watt T-5 LED
A228-40x54 40" 54" 2.125" (2) 21 Watt & (2) 28 Watt T-5 LED

Polished edge mirrors with 2″ wide border of back-lit frosting all around.

Back-lit frosting includes the following (minimum order quantity 50 units):

  • (4) T-5 LED Light Tubes™  (3,000 Kelvin)
  • Vinyl Safety backing
  • UL listing including section 16.23
  • Fingerprint Protection
  • 60 Month Warranty on LED Driver
  • Light bulbs rated for 50,000 hours
  • 15 Year Warranty on LED Light Tubes™ (free replacement)
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Sample Artwork:

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