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Our Mission

Alpha Stone is a strategic hotel sourcing company, hotel supplier, and custom goods manufacturer, dedicated to helping hotels and restaurants reduce hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and operating costs. We do this by importing from high quality vendors overseas. Hotel purchasing has never been more critical, as hotels and restaurants aim to protect their bottom line from rising labor, energy, and facility costs.
Operations and hotel purchasing departments are being asked to find cost savings wherever possible. Alpha Stone can be part of the solution for custom hotel FF&E; our large group of manufacturers in Asia and South America have what you need and can provide you with significant savings. No longer is it necessary for you to pay the huge markups of hotel and restaurant distributors and vendors. Your company can benefit by factory-direct hotel purchasing because Alpha Stone does all the work.
Alpha Stone can also offer you a vast array of brand-approved hospitality furniture, as well as hotel FF&E and construction components at a significant discount. Whether purchasing high-end custom hotel FF&E, or trying to purchase inexpensive, high quality FF&E, we can offer huge cost savings, in comparison with the competition.

Our Products

Our hotel furniture is made to have a timeless design and a long-lasting life. We are here to cater to your needs by offering all hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment, including case goods, drapery, bedding, banquet chairs, restaurant chairs, upholstered seating, carpets, tile, granite, lighting, desk chairs, wall covering, and artwork.

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